Towards Development Of Open And Fair Digital Humanities Ecosystem In Latvia (Dheli, 2022-2025)

The project “Towards Development of Open and FAIR Digital Humanities Ecosystem in Latvia” is implemented within the framework of the National Research Programme “Digital Resources of the Humanities”

Project No: VPP-IZM-DH-2022/1-0002

Implementation period: 15.12.2022.– 14.12.2025.

Project funding: EUR 1 217 700

Funded by: Latvian Council of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science

Project partners: Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia, University of Latvia (UL Livonian Institute and Latvian Language Institute of the University of Latvia), Rēzekne Academy of Technologies, Riga Technical University, National Library of Latvia.

Head of the project: Sanita Reinsone, PhD
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The aim of the project is to advance digital humanities scholarship in Latvia providing a balanced programme in order to (1) support the development of the existing digital resources and tools intended for humanities avoiding uneven development and enhancing their usage in research and education; (2) prevent fragmentation and unnecessary duplication of DH resources and tools by establishing partnerships and productive alliances between institutions that aggregate similar data; (3) ensure wider visibility, support Open Science and follow FAIR principles, as well as facilitate interoperability of digital resources for humanities and their inclusion in international research infrastructures; (4) promote DH research and education in Latvia, including promoting and strengthening of DH research community in Latvia, and (5) provide necessary guidance for developers of digital resources and tools for humanities, policymakers and decisionmakers, researchers, and other target groups on effective support of digital humanities, development and cooperation.

DHELI project launched to advance digital humanities in Latvia

With the aim to strengthen and develop the humanities in Latvia, a new project of the National Research Programme “Digital Humanities” called “Towards Development of Open and FAIR Digital Humanities Ecosystem in Latvia” or DHELI is being launched at the beginning of this year, with funding from the Science Council of Latvia. The project is coordinated by the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Arts of the University of Latvia with Dr. philol. Sanita Reinsone as its lead, and involves representatives from the National Library of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia Institute of Latvian Language and Livonian Institute, Rēzekne Academy of Technologies, Riga Technical University.

Digital Humanities (DH) is an interdisciplinary area of research that blends fundamental and applied research methods to address questions within the humanities, social sciences, and arts. This field employs computational methods and uses digital resources and tools for data processing, analysis, and visualization. A prime example of the practical application and wide usage of DH is language technology, showcasing the significance of a well-established digital humanities infrastructure that not only supports researchers but also benefits a wider audience.

The DHELI project builds upon the outcomes of the National Research Programme project “Digital Resources for the Humanities: Development and Integration,” which was completed in October 2022. This was the first inter-institutional and interdisciplinary project in Latvia devoted to digital humanities and received an exceptional evaluation from international evaluators, affirming its remarkable impact and successful results.

The DHELI project will advance several fundamental research directions by integrating advanced computational methods into Latvian, Latgalian, and Livonian language corpora and relevant humanities and cultural heritage collections. This integration will encompass a diverse array of disciplines within the humanities, including literary studies, folklore studies, linguistics, history, and more, and lead to a substantial expansion of digital resources that are widely used in research, education and by the general public (e.g.,,,, and specialized resources (such as,, and that can also be suitable for broader use. Moreover, the DHELI project will elevate Latvia’s standing in the international research arena by strengthening its participation in  CLARIN-EU and DARIAH-ERIC European level infrastructures for language technologies and digital humanities.

The DHELI project features an extensive educational component, accessible to both university students and the general public. In July 2023, the 5th International Baltic Summer School on Digital Humanities will be held, offering a platform for individuals to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the field. Furthermore, in partnership with Linnaeus University in Sweden and King’s College London, the RTU International Master’s Degree in Digital Humanities will present a series of guest lectures by prominent scholars in the field of digital humanities. This program offers an unparalleled opportunity for students, researchers, cultural professionals, and others interested in digital humanities to further their education at no cost.

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The project “Towards Development of Open and FAIR Digital Humanities Ecosystem in Latvia” (No. VPP-IZM-DH-2022/1-0002) is implemented within the framework of the National Research Programme “Digital Humanities”.